The Absolute Best Fishing Spots In The Whiteshell

Fishing shouldn’t be left up to luck; knowing the best fishing spots in the Whiteshell increases the chances of catching plenty of fantastic fish. The type of fish you seek and where you plan to spend the day can influence your fishing spot. Many of them are close to campgrounds, and you can venture off for an afternoon to catch some fish to cook for dinner. Others aren’t far off the main roads; they are easily accessible.

whiteshell fishing for pickerel

Barrier Bay

One of the draws to fishing in Barrier Bay is the variety of species found there. Located right next to the cabins of Nutimik Lake, it’s not difficult to find. The conditions are perfect for more than 12 fish species to survive here. If you move from one spot down to another, you may discover you are catching a different species as they have their habitats within this body of water where they thrive.

It is important to be familiar with the limits for the different species and the types of bait you can use at Barrier Bay. A complete list of such details is found online. These policies are enforced to help preserve the fish living in this area.

Guided fishing trips are common around Barrier Bay. A guide can take you to the best spot in the water and often provides all of the equipment you need for a day of fishing. Book excursions early, as they fill up quickly. If you wait until the last night, you may not find any provider available.

Betula Lake

This location in the Whiteshell is excellent for pike fishing. It is close to a campground, and you will often see families fishing and having a great time. They are smaller fish, but you should catch quite a few on any given afternoon. Betula Lake is also where you will find some medium-sized walleye.

Some people have luck catching bass here. They tend to be in the deeper waters, so if you don’t have a boat of your own, you may want to rent one and venture further out. Boats can be rented for half a day or all day for a reasonable price.

Caddy Lake

Huge crappie is abundant while fishing at Caddy Lake. The best time to fish for them is during the warmer summer months. With ample camping in this area, it is ideal for families that wish to take in all the outdoors offers.

Canoes are offered for rent here, and it is a good idea to take one out to the deeper waters for great fishing locations. You can also catch bass, walleye, and Northern pike in these deeper areas. Try to fish early in the day or later in the evening before dusk. This is when they tend to be on the hunt for food.

Dorothy Lake

Perch and walleye are the main fish at Dorothy Lake. A hike out to Sturgeon Falls is a great place to catch plenty of fish. If you don’t want to venture far, you can fish along the shoreline close to your campsite.

They stock a trout pond several times a year not far from the boat ramp at Dorothy Lake. The fish are usually small, but it is fun for the kids to catch them. They don’t care how big the fish are; they just want to reel one in. You can release them back into the water if they are too small to eat.

fishing at barrier

Heart Lake

Large pike and walleye are catchable in Heart Lake, using minnows as bait. That is the ideal spot when the water is low enough to go under the bridge! If you don’t get there early, though, it will be taken. This is a gem of a fishing spot, plus the bridge offers some shade from the hot sun.

The wind is often a problem for fishing around Heart Lake. On a calm day, get out there before the wind starts. Knowing if you have a fish on the line or if the wind is carrying your line can be challenging.

Margaret Lake

Several cabins are for rent around Margaret Lake, and you can walk out the door and stick your fishing pole into the water! This lake is stocked with various fish in spring and summer, increasing the chase of catching something. Some large bass have been caught here along with Northern Pike.