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Welcome to our website, where we showcase beautiful cottages for sale in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. With the vast, dense forest, incredible lakes and plenty of wildlife, the Whiteshell is one of Manitoba’s most sought-after cottage areas. It is tough to beat because it is just over an hour’s drive from Winnipeg! There is something for everyone with the dense trees and many different lakes. Some lakes will have cottages close together, so if you enjoy having neighbours, this may be what you want. In contrast, other lakes have hundreds of trees and bushes until you see the next neighbour. This is another reason the Whiteshell is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cabin.

The Whiteshell covers over 2700 square kilometres. One of its unique features is the granite rock, which creates cliffs, caves, hills, just simply unbelievable scenary. The Whiteshell Provincial Park has over 200 lakes, which makes it perfect for exploring, boating, fishing and water sports. With the abundance of lakes, most of the cottages for sale are lakefront.

whiteshell map of lakes

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