You can stay in your Caddy Lake cottage in less than two hours on the road! This is a lovely area, with plenty of outdoor activities to take part in. It doesn’t matter if you like to relax, take part in an adventure, or a mix of both worlds. Getting your family off their electronics is easier too when you take them to such a destination.

With many of them for sale, it is a great time to buy! You may get tired of all the noise and busy lifestyle in Winnipeg, and this can be your place to gain some recluse from it all. This is a beautiful investment place to spend your free time! Explore the options, prices, and locations to find a good fit.

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Lakefront Caddy Lake Cottages

If you wish to go all out, consider one of the great lakefront Caddy Lake cottages. They bring the water too. Being so close to it, you will feel enticed to watch the sun come up and go down from your cottage or cabin. You will be excited to take your kayak or the canoe on the water. If you love to fish, this can be the perfect setting for you to do so.

Nothing compares to owning a delightful cabin close to Caddy Lake. This is a way to align yourself with nature. Returning to the basics and focusing on the small things is there for the taking. Life goes by in a hurry, and when you connect with nature, it tends to slow down and you can relish the moment.

Things to do in Caddy Lake

While Caddy Lake is best known for canoeing, fishing, and hiking, learning about the best spots for each of these activities is encouraged. Exploring the tunnels and being on the lake to see the surrounding scenery is a great way to spend the day. The lake has various types of fish including trout, bass, and pike. Don’t be surprised if you catch several large-sized ones when you go out.

In addition to marked hiking trails, there are somewhere you can enjoy horseback riding. This can be a great alternative, especially for those not interested in walking for a long distance. There are a few outstanding golf courses in the area, and one is along the water’s shore at Caddy Lake. Tee times fill quickly for that location, so ensure you secure your reservation well in advance.


Scotty’s Drive-In is a favourite spot around Caddy Lake. The selection on the menu gives you plenty to think about. Save room for delicious ice cream treats after your meal too. The entire family will quickly want to return to this place. A quiet and tasty place to dine is Falcon’s Nest. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. The fish and chips are the item most in demand here.

Manitoba real estate rules prevents me from listing ALL cabins for sale. Many cabins are sold privately and through private real estate brokers. I can find you cabins on the MLS, from private brokers and I monitor private sellers. There aren’t a lot of cabins that go for sale and when they do, they go fast.  Enter your contact information below and I can send you cabin information the day they hit the market.

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