Star Lake, Manitoba, is about an hour and 45-minute drive from Winnipeg. It is a remarkable place with lovely scenery. It is common for those owning cabins or cottages here to head out after work on Friday and return home on Sunday evening. They love getting away to this secluded and amazing place. Here, they can explore, birdwatch, spend time on the lake, and much more.

Star Lake is also ideal for long holidays and time off from work. Sometimes, couples come here to spend time alone without any distractions. Other times, they invite friends and other family members to join them at their cabin or cottage. It is worth the drive to experience all this area must share.

Cottage communities have been created around Star Lake. They vary in size, location, and design. Some of these Star Lake cottages for sale are small and perfect for one or two people. They are basic but comfortable. Others are much larger, and they offer a long list of amenities. For many potential buyers, the location influences their decision.

Star Lake view from shore

Lake Front Star Lake Cottages for Sale

The places highest in demand are lake front Star Lake cottages for sale. It is convenient to step out of the cottage or cabin and take in the lake. For those who go boating, fish, or like to use a kayak, it makes sense to be as close to the water as possible. A lake front view is hard to pass up, too. Seeing it outside your windows or when you relax on the porch is something people appreciate.

Things to do in Star Lake

The sandy beach and designated swim areas are typical attractions in Star Lake. You will see people walking along the sand at night under the moonlight. You will see families smiling and splashing in the water on the hot days. There are areas for a nice picnic lunch and some playground equipment the children enjoy.

Religious retreats often take place at the rental cabins in Star Lake. They may be of interest to you. Fliers are typically posted around town with an agenda including dates and times. The public is welcome to be involved with these retreats, but there is no obligation.

Canoe rentals are popular around Star Lake. There are some small boats for rent too. This area isn’t set up for power boats because it doesn’t feature a commercial marina. Boat tours are on your own because there aren’t guides taking their larger boats out in this area.

Fantastic fishing opportunities are found in Star Lake; people are involved with it all year. Many different species are found here. This includes Northern Pike, Walleye, perch, and crappie.
The Trans Canada Trail crosses many of the roads in Star Lake by the cottages on the east side of the shore. These trails are perfect for hiking and walking. You will see many bikes on them too. During certain times of the year, people bring their baskets and pick raspberries. Many different types of wildlife are seen while on these trails. They include deer, waterfowl, and plenty of species of birds.

In winter, people take trails from Star Lake to Caddy Lake. Thanks to a warming station being added, cross-country skiers, snowmobile riders, and snowboarders can get more enjoyment out of these winter activities.

Places to Eat around Star Lake

There are a few small places to get supplies around Star Lake. Most items are found in West Hawk Lake. This isn’t too far away and has larger shops and boat repair options. Several restaurants are available in West Hawk Lake, including Meteor Mike’s, known for outstanding burgers and fries. The Nite Hawk Café is the place for a home-cooked meal and some delicious dessert.

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