From an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes drive from Winnipeg, you can transform the scenery around you depending on traffic! Brereton Lake is a beautiful area with lovely places to buy! There are both cottages and cabins that may suit your preferences. It may surprise you at the prices too. It is exciting to look at the options when you realize you can afford one of them!

The cozy design of many Brereton Lake cottages for sale is appealing. They are small, but they are unique in design. They are also comfortable and away from the busy elements of the city. You get the best of both worlds with this area – the fantastic beach and the beautiful trees. As far as the eyes can see, there is natural beauty in all directions!

Brereton Lake with dock

Lakefront Brereton Lake Cottages

Lakefront Brereton Lake cottages are the ideal investment for those who prefer the water to anything else around them! The water is calming, relaxing, and at your fingertips! You can relish the view, go fishing, enjoy canoeing, and much more. It depends on how adventurous you are. These cottages give you easy access to the water, maximizing the time you can spend in and around it.

You will enjoy the lovely colours and continued beauty with the changing seasons. Cabins in Brereton Lake for sale can give you freedom from the city and the chance to get in tune with nature. Listening to the sounds around you, enjoying the peaceful quiet, and loving the location make this a worthwhile investment.

Things to do in Brereton Lake

Exercise while taking in the views by walking or biking the marked trails. There is plenty of them around Brereton Lake. Investigate the time it will take to complete the route and which fitness level it is recommended for. The bird sanctuary here is a beautiful place to learn about various birds that reside in the area and admire their beauty.

Many birds here are rescued and cared for until they return to the wild. Others will reside there for the rest of their lives as it has been determined that they can’t survive in the wild again. Brereton is a great place to take children and give them a learning experience that is also visually inspiring.


One of my favourite places to eat in all of the Whiteshell is Brereton Lake Resort Restaurant. Plenty of visitors come for the delicious pizza they offer. They have won numerous awards for their pizza, encouraging people to try it. For those that live in this area, they frequently come back again and again because it was so good.

They offer a full menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dining on the patio here is a nice touch when the weather permits. It provides a chance to take in the view while you enjoy your food. The establishment is family-friendly, offering choices the younger guests are thrilled with too!

Manitoba real estate rules prevents me from listing ALL cabins for sale. Many cabins are sold privately and through private real estate brokers. I can find you cabins on the MLS, from private brokers and I monitor private sellers. There aren’t a lot of cabins that go for sale and when they do, they go fast.  Enter your contact information below and I can send you cabin information the day they hit the market.

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