Bird River is worth the 90-minute drive from Winnipeg. It isn’t uncommon for people to have a cabin or cottage there. They spend time living and working in the city, but when they can escape, they jump in the car and go to that relaxing spot! This second home helps them clear their mind and rejuvenate their body.

You can find excellent Bird River cottages that fit your desired comfort level. Check out the sizes, locations, and costs to help you select the best one. Think about what you would like to spend your time doing and how you can make this investment work for you.

Lakefront Bird River Cottages

Many people decide they would love to have a lakefront Bird River cottage. If they are going to invest in one, they want it in the ideal spot! They love the idea of the water being in view and easily accessible. It is incredibly enticing for those that like to spend time in a canoe or a kayak. For those that look forward to lazy fishing days, being on the lakefront is too good to pass up.

Cabins in Bird River for Sale

Another option is one of the delightful cabins in Bird River for sale. They offer solitude, a charming atmosphere, and a unique way to help you handle the busy lifestyle of Winnipeg. You can look at the calendar and count down the days until you can be at your cabin again. This can help you get through the stressful days and the traffic until it is time to pack up and head to Bird River.

Things to do in Bird River

Of course, you don’t plan to spend all your time at Bird River in your cottage or cabin. You can explore the marked hiking trails. Water sports and activities are high on the list for those that frequent this area. Lily Pond is a common place for climbing. If you are new to the concept, your strategy and strength will improve with practice. Always use safety equipment as a precaution with this activity.


Quality food is essential, and you will be satisfied with this dynamic found in Bird River. Trappers offers an excellent lunch menu. It is also ideal for a refreshing ice cream treat to cool off on a hot day. They have a variety of flavours that change often. This is also a store/bait shop, so you can get something to eat and pick up a few things you may need at your cottage or cabin.

If you are in the mood for Chinese food, look no further than Chinese Café. They offer a wide selection of authentic Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner. It is a place in Bird River where you will often dine when you are staying. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

Manitoba real estate rules prevents me from listing ALL cabins for sale. Many cabins are sold privately and through private real estate brokers. I can find you cabins on the MLS, from private brokers and I monitor private sellers. There aren’t a lot of cabins that go for sale and when they do, they go fast.  Enter your contact information below and I can send you cabin information the day they hit the market.

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