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Welcome to the gorgeous Whiteshell. I am Kyle Bazylo, a REALTOR©, and I have been lucky enough to have been introduced to the Whiteshell in 2001 after I started dating my girlfriend (now wife). For decades, we enjoyed the water-front views of Brereton Lake. We would spend days traveling the area with other friends and family in the Whiteshell or even just exploring. Whether it’s friends’ cabins at Big Whiteshell, a day at Falcon Lake Beach, or lunch at West Hawk, many areas exist to visit and explore.

Today, my wife and I, two kids and two dogs all do the exploring together. We can’t get the kids or the dogs out of the water. The kids love exploring the different beaches in the area, some vacant, others filled with other kids and families.

With my passion for the lake and over 20 years at the Whiteshell, I will use my expertise to help you find the perfect place. Secluded in the forest so no one knows you’re there? Or maybe closer to shops, restaurants and others looking to socialize; the Whiteshell has something for everything; you just need to find it.

Let’s start this journey together and find your perfect piece of paradise.


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The Whiteshell Cottages – Kyle Bazylo Realtor

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