Lake of the Woods is located about 3 hours from Winnipeg, and it is a wonderful place to visit and explore. Quite a few residents of Winnipeg have cabins or cottages here, many of them right on the water! They love getting away from the noise and busy elements of the city. Coming to this quiet and beautiful area helps them relax and rejuvenate.

They can spend a week here and then go back to their daily grind! They can also plan holiday time in Lake of the Woods. This allows them to enjoy more time before they go back to Winnipeg. The beautiful scenery, vast waters, hiking trails, and more entice people to come to this area.

Lake of the Woods Cottages for Sale

Owning property is a wise investment, and you can find the perfect Lake of the Woods cottage for sale to fit your budget and your needs. Explore the options because some of them are small and basic while others are larger and in a prime location. Think about what you wish to do there and how often you will visit your cottage.

If you want your privacy, consider one of the Lake of the Woods cottages for sale that are more remote to get to. It is worth it to have that secluded area where it is peaceful and away from others. You won’t have to venture too far to enjoy restaurants or activities Lake of the Woods offers either.

Lake Front Lake of the Woods Cottages

For many potential buyers, lake front Lake of the Woods cottages or cabins is what they seek! They have a boat and they wish to take it out often. The location can mean fishing or bird watching right off your deck! The prices for such property may seem out of your price range, but don’t let that deter you. The truth is many of the cottages and cabins in Lake of the Woods featuring lake front property are reasonably priced.

Things to do in Lake of the Woods

Bird watching is a popular event around Lake of the Woods. There are amazing species here that people enjoy. Grab a pair of binoculars and find a spot to get comfortable as you take in their nesting habitat and their interactions. It is exciting to see the pairs of bald eagles, the large pelicans, and the abundant piping plovers that thrive here.

Fishing is a common pastime around Lake of the Woods, but it is far more than just a relaxing adventure. There are enormous fish found in the freshwater here, and many people take on the challenge of getting a large catch. They want both bragging rights and a delicious dinner! The various species of fish found here include bass, walleye, trout, sturgeon, pike, and perch.

A day at one of these islands is a fun pastime! It is a gem for the locals and a place tourists love to check out! These areas offer a fun place for adventure, a day at the beach, family bonding, a picnic spot, and so much more. These islands are quiet and out of the way, yet it doesn’t take long to reach them. It is easy to take a boat out on your own or hire a charter to take you where you wish to explore.

Places to Eat in Lake of the Woods

Getting a delicious bite to eat while in Lake of the Woods is easy to do! There are several places the locals recommend. Gondola Pizza is a fun place with outstanding pizza. They offer a variety of toppings and crusts so you can build what you like the best! They also offer tasty sides and desserts.

Big John’s Bar and Grill provides a fun atmosphere where you can enjoy food and drinks. It is a popular place for people to meet to grab a drink and either appetizers or a burger and fries. They stay open later than many of the other places to eat around Lake of the Woods.

The Neighbourhood Eatery is a family establishment, with a menu offering something for everyone! The homemade taste of the food is why so many people recommend it. You will quickly decide this is a place you are going to eat at again when you return to Lake of the Woods!

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