Getting from Winnipeg to Betula Lake takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. As you make this drive, you start to see a transformation. You can leave the city behind, where it is noisy and crowded. It is replaced by a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy a cabin or cottage surrounded by nature.

Purchasing one of these lovely Betula Lake cottages for sale, or a cabin, can be a fantastic investment. You can spend more time in this area, relishing the freedom of exploring the outdoors and breathing in the fresh air. Such property will continue increasing in value, so it is an investment that you can resell later if you decide to relocate or need money. Some owners rent out their Betula Lake cottages when they don’t use them, which helps pay for the cost of ownership.

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Lake Front Betula Lake Cottages

If you are drawn to the water, one of the lake front Betula Lake cottages may be the best fit for you. It is delightful to have such a view from your cottage or cabin each day. It is spectacular first thing in the morning and when the sun goes down! The scenery changes with the different seasons throughout the year, too.

Things to do Around Betula Lake

Spending time on the lake is a favourite pastime around Betula Lake. Boats, pontoons, canoes, and kayaks can be rented by the day. There are great fishing spots out there, and it will take you only a short time to find one you return to again and again. Tubing and waterskiing are popular sports due to the calmness of the water.

The beach is a fun place to relax or enjoy the water. The sand is perfect for sticking your toes in or creating a sand castle. There are picnic areas, a playground, and designed swimming areas. This is a common area for people to use paddleboards.

The mini-golf course is a fun place for families to spend time. Each hole has unique elements, and getting a hole-in-one is more challenging than you might imagine! You can play the short version of 9 holes or 18 holes for a round.

Places to Eat Round Betula Lake

While there aren’t any restaurants in Betula Lake, you can pick up some snacks and essential items at the store for a picnic by the lake or at the beach. You can pick up fishing supplies and other things to complete your checklist. Some places are not far from Betula Lake when you wish to dine out.
Barkley’s Diner offers delicious homemade burgers, chicken, and other entrees. It is a family favourite at Nutimik Lake. Falcon Lake offers a restaurant at the golf course and a few cafes.

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