whiteshell bonfire stargazing

Stargazing in the Whiteshell can be a fantastic way to create memories for your adventure. For the best results, evaluate the forecast and pick a clear date. The temperatures can drop once the sun goes down, so take extra clothing if you need to add layers to stay warm. Adequate lighting will help you find your way after dark on these trails.

Bringing a telescope is the ideal way to stargaze in Whiteshell. Bring one that is light and inexpensive. You can choose a location on your own or go with a group. Sometimes, there are ads for guided excursions. If you would like to go, sign up early. Most of them fill up quickly, as a limited number of slots are offered.

It is best to stargaze with at least one other person. It is risky to venture on the trails at night alone. If something should happen, you want someone else to be there to help you or go to get help for you. Always let others at home know where you are going and when you anticipate returning. They will know where to look for you if you don’t return as expected.

Choose a Clear Night

When cloudy or overcast, it isn’t easy to see the stars. It can be disappointing to get fired up for stargazing but not see much. The extended forecast gives you at least a 10-day window to review. While the forecast can change, this information will help you identify several days that work well. If the weather changes and you can’t stargaze in Whiteshell because of it, you can choose one of the other dates you identified.

The best time for stargazing is when the sky is the darkest. That tends to be after midnight. Wait until after the moon sets. This will remove any light pollution from the sky, giving you a clear and crisp view of the stars. The further you are from city lights, the better your view of the stars will be. The Southern sky is the best direction to face while stargazing. This gives you the chance to see the Milky Way.

Dress Warmly

What is the hourly temperature going to be? What is the wind chill? That has to be factored in, as the windchill can make it feel drastically colder than the true temperature. Dress warmly for stargazing. Bring along a blanket and extra clothing so you can add layers. Wear a hat, gloves, and warm socks to prevent losing body heat.

Take Along Lighting

You need lighting to guide you after dark. You can get to your location in daylight and wait for the sun to go down before you watch the stars. Hiking at night can be risky due to the terrain. A quality flashlight or lantern is a great idea. Be aware that there is usually more wildlife active at night than when you hike during the day.


For the best stargazing experience in Whiteshell, bring along a telescope. Don’t bring anything expensive or heavy. Don’t bring anything challenging to set up. While it gives you extra stuff to carry, it is worth it when you can use this tool to see the stars in a manner not visible to the naked eye.